Tail of the Storm

A memoir of the Persian Gulf Airlift, 1990-91

                       Tail of the Storm by Alan Cockrell



Welcome to the Tail of the Storm webpages. This book is the story of the Military Airlift Command aircrews who flew airlift missions in the logistical tail of the 1991 Persian Gulf War. It is written from the viewpoint of a crew member, not a historian or journalist.

Tail of the Storm
is both a personal memoir and a lyrical commentary on the romance of flight. It is a story more of people than planes. Its tone crosses the spectrum of the flying experience from grass airfields to USAF pilot training, through a tour of active duty in a fighter cockpit, and on into the Air National Guard's first experiment with jet powered strategic airlift. All the while, the central focus is the Desert Storm Airlift and the people who flew it and supported it.

Tail of the Storm
is the only modern account of the hearts and minds of those who fly the "heavies."

Illustrated in pencil by MSgt Walter E. Sistrunk, Jr., USAF (ANG, Ret.)



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